An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!

About Us


This Consulting firm believes that, investing in the residents of the Assisted Living Communities is to provide them with the best quality of care and services with due recognition of their individuality and to treat them with respect and dignity.

It is said that, “HAPPY EMPLOYEES MAKE HAPPY RESIDENTS”. Therefore, when caring employees are empowered with knowledge and given the opportunity to excel by utilizing their skills, they will perform with confidence and satisfaction while providing services to the residents.

Impact on the Industry

The Training/QA/Risk Management programs specifically designed for the A.L.F’s have been a significant positive value to the Assisted Living industry. The company’s reputation for professionalism, excellence, integrity and efficiency is enveloped in superior knowledge and professional skills with longevity.

The Assisted Living Communities served by this consulting firm have maintained successful results from inspections conducted by the State and Local Government entities that regulate them. As a result, the residents of those communities experience a high level of satisfaction.