An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!

Credentials & Expertise

Marlene D. Hunter, President of A.L.F. Consultant, Inc. is a Department of Elder Affairs registered trainer, certified Health Care Risk Manager, graduate of the Florida Risk Management Institute of Fort Lauderdale Florida and a former Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), Assisted Living Facility (A.L.F.) Program Coordinator, former A.L.F. Surveyor/Inspector, a former Nationally Certified Health Care Investigator and a Certified A.L.F. Administrator. Approved Trainer for Alzheimer’s Levels I and II and annual Alzheimer continuing education for assisted living facilities.

From its inception in March 1993, Marlene Hunter ALF consulting company has been one of the most respected Quality Assurance / Risk Management and regulatory compliance experts in the Assisted Living Industry. As an inspector and consultant for health care facilities and a professional Quality Assurance / Risk Reduction expert she has personally inspected over 2000 facilities throughout the State of Florida. Such facilities include Assisted Living, Adult Family Care Homes, Adult Day Care Centers, Independent Living Facilities and Nurse Registries. Marlene Hunter also serves as an A.L.F. expert for several prominent law firms and as an Independent Registered D.O.E.A Trainer for State required education programs and A.L.F. regulations.

The following is a list of expert services that Marlene D. Hunter A.L.F. Consultant Inc., provides to clients.