Training Programs

A.L.F Consultant, Inc reports hours attended by nursing professionals to CE BROKER as Continuing Education Hours for their professional Licensure requirements.

Assisted Living Facility Core Training - 26 Hours

Pursuant to State of Florida regulations, Assisted Living Facility Administrators and Managers must complete the Assisted Living Facility Core Training Program (minimum 26 hours) within 3 months from the date of becoming a facility Administrator or Manager. Successful completion of Core Training requires passing a competency exam.

The competency exam is administered by the University of South Florida (USF) ON A DIFFERENT DATE FROM YOUR CORE TRAINING. Upon your completion of the Core class, we will forward your contact information to USF. In addition you must do the following:

1. Complete the application for the CORE EXAM furnished by the University of South Florida according to the guidelines indicated on the application and the schedule of exams, dates, and location.

2. You are allowed to choose the date, time & location of the exam, per application submission deadlines.
USF contact info is as follows:
Phone: (813) 974-2571

3. Application for the core exam must be submitted to USF online or via USPS with payment. Successful passage of the exam with a minimum 75% score (100 questions).

4. You will receive the exam results from U.S.F. within their determined time frame.

Marlene Hunter, A.L.F. Consultant, Inc. offers an optional 4-hour Exam prep Class for a fee (See schedule for fees). When the Exam date is announced by USF, we will schedule an Exam Review Class and will contact Core class participants with registration information for the Exam Review Class.

Assisted Living Facility Continuing Education - 12 Hours

Marlene Hunter, A.L.F. Consultant, Inc. provides the following ALF Continuing Education Seminars pursuant to F.S. 429 Part 1 & Chapter 58A-5: F.A.C.

• New Regulations (Updates) - 3 HOURS
• Admission, Retention, Discharge Criteria -3 HOURS
• Adverse Incidents Reporting - 3 HOURS
• Emergency Management / Disaster Preparedness -3 HOURS
• Survey Preparation and Guidelines -3 HOURS
• HIPAA and Facility Documentation -3 HOURS
• ALF Resident Care Documentation - 3 HOURS
• Effective Risk Management -3 HOURS

New Regulations Training (Core Up-date)

This training will be provided when there is a change in the ALF Law and/or Rule. Marlene Hunter, A.L.F. Consultant, Inc. will notify all interested parties via mass mail-out when regulations update is scheduled, subsequent to the finalization of any new regulation.

Initial and Continuing Education Extended Congregate Care Training - 4 Hours

Successful Completion of the ALF CORE Training is a prerequisite for this requirements training. Training participants should be prepared to provide proof of successful completion of the ALF CORE training. ECC guides are available for purchase as part of the registration process. Please contact our office for information on scheduling E.C.C. Training at your facility.

Adult Family Care Home (AFCH) Basic Training - 12 Hours

Pursuant to State of Florida rules, all Adult Family Care Home providers must attend a 12-hour basic adult family care home training program prior to accepting any residents (those who already have residents must complete the training prior to licensing by the Agency for Health Care Administration).

AFCH Continuing Education Seminar - 3 Hours

This 3-hour training will include reviews of major and crucial aspects of operating an Adult Family Care Home. In addition the seminar meets the requirement for 3 hours of continuing education, annually, pursuant to section 58A-14 F.A.C.

Alzheimer's Level I & II - 4 Hours for each level

Marlene D. Hunter, M.S., CHCRM is an Approved Trainer for Assisted Living Facility Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Training Provider (Approval Number ALF 154). We are available to conduct Alzheimer's Level I and Level II Training for Direct Care Staff at your facility, as well as Alzheimer's Training for non-Direct Care Staff. In conjunction with F.A.C. 58A-5, we are also available to provide the Annual 4-hour Alzheimer's Continuing Education for Direct Care Staff as required under F.S. 429 part 1. Please contact our office for information about scheduling Alzheimer's Training at your facility.

Alzheimer’s Annual Continuing Education - 4 hours

Per F.S. 429 part 1, In addition to the training required, a direct caregiver must participate in a minimum of 4 contact hours of continuing education each calendar year. The continuing education must include one or more topics included in the dementia specific training developed or approved by D.O.E.A. in which the care giver has not revived previous training. Please contact our office to schedule this training